Medical Guidelines - Quality Improvement

The Quality Improvement Medical Guidelines are designed to meet performance and improvement goals as established by the KCMPA-ACO governance and the 33 ACO quality measures. The KCMPA-ACO guidelines and protocols promote continuous improvements as demonstrated by data showing utilization outcomes, appropriate implementation of evidence based medicine, and improved clinical care quality.

KCMPA Quarterly Report

Quality and Expense Report


Table of 33 ACO Quality Measures

Abnormal Liver
GI-Abnormal Liver Function
Chronic Diarrhea
GI-Chronic Diarrhea
Chronic Hep C
GI-Chronic Hep C
Gastroesophageal Reflux
GI-Gastroesophageal Reflux
Rectal Bleeding
GI-Rectal Bleeding Test Results (LFT)
GI-Right Upper Quadrant Abdominal Pain

Home Health Diuretic Protocol-CHF
CHF Home Health Diuretic Protocol
hhHome Health Groups by County
Home Health Diuretic Protocol-Algorithm
Home Health Diuretic Protocol-Data Tracking Tool
Data Tracking Tool
Home Health Diuretic Protocol-Medication Chart
Medication Chart
Home Health Diuretic Protocol-Standing Order
Standing Order

COPD Clinical Guideline

DM2 Insulin Standing Orders and Sliding Scale-KCMPA
Type 2 Insulin Orders
and Sliding Scale
DM2 Insulin Standing Orders-KCMPA
Type 2 Insulin Regimen
Standing Orders
Glucagon Instruction Document-KCMPA
Glucagon for
Injection User Info
Hypoglycemia Patient Handout-KCMPA
Low Blood Sugar

Prevention of Falls in Community-KCMPA
Fall Prevention
Clinical Guideline

2013 Adult Immunization Guideline-KCMPA
Adult Immunization Schedule Guideline
Schedule for Children
Easy-to-Read Schedule
for Preteens and Teens
Easy-to-Read Schedule
for Adults, by Age
Easy-to-Read Schedule
for Adults, by Health Condition

Diabetes Referral Form
Referral Form for Dietitian & Diabetes Educator

Microsoft-Word-2013-icon  < Word version

KCNutritionServicesReferralForm LR
Kansas City Nutrition Services Referral Form

Microsoft-Word-2013-icon  < Word version

Tria Referral Form-040214
Referral Form for Tria Health Clinical Pharmacist

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Referral Form for
Exercise Consultation

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Medications to avoid in elderly
Medications to Avoid
in the Elderly
Printable Beers
Pocket Card
2012 Beers Criteria
2012 Beers Criteria
2012 Updated Beers Criteria
2012 Updated
Beers Criteria


Community Resource List
Community Resource List


Secondary Prevention CVD-2006 update
Secondary Prevention for Patients with CVD
2006 update
Secondary Prevention Risk Reduction CVD-2011 update
Secondary Prevention and Risk Reduction for Patients with CVD – 2011 update
Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes 2015
Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes-2015
Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes 2015-Revisions
Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes-2015 – Summary of Revisions
Treatment of Hypertension Guidelines
Treatment of Hypertension Guidelines
Community-Acquired Pneumonia Guidelines
Community-Acquired Pneumonia Guidelines
Choosing Wisely Recommendations

CCM Patient Centered Care Plan
Care Plan
CCM article AFP
Chronic Care Management and other New CPT Codes
CCM Presentation
Chronic Care
Management Services