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As an independent practice, providing exceptional benefits to your employees can be challenging without the resources of larger organizations. That's why KCMPA has introduced the Employee Perks Program, designed to offer your staff exclusive access to a range of valuable perks and benefits. We carefully select and partner with top-tier service providers who are committed to delivering quality and value to our members. Our Employee Perks Program can help boost employee satisfaction and retention. It's a win-win for your practice and your dedicated team members. 

Benefit Hub

TiScrubs BlackBenefit Hub is offered to the employees and families of KCMPA member practices that are participating in our Employee Benefits Program.  The discount marketplace offers the largest employee discount program in the world and hosts thousands of brands, online shopping, travel discounts, and more.  Just login and start shopping for movie/theater tickets, travel packages, theme park tickets, gym and fitness memberships, electronics, restaurants, auto purchases, and so much more.   If you're not using Benefit Hub, send an email toKerri Craven and include the practice name. 

Planet Fitness

TiScrubs BlackPlanet Fitness offers discounts to the employees and families of KCMPA member practices. Their Classic Membership is $10/month, no commitment, with an annual fee of $49, but they will waive the start-up fee. The Black Card Membership is $24.99/month, no commitment, but they waive both the annual fee and the start-up fee. If you are already a Planet Fitness member, you can switch to this program and get your annual Black Card fee waived. There is a rate increase coming summer 2024, so join now, to lock in the lower rate. A flyer and additional information should be posted in your break room.


TiScrubs BlackTiScrubs offers athletically-inspired scrubs that have a superior fit with softness, unique athletic vibe, and playful designs while providing an unparalleled customer service experience.  Founded right here in KC, they offer a local flavor with designs from Charlie Hustle and the NFL Players Association as well as solid colors and the ability to create custom designs for your practice.

All KCMPA member practice employees can receive a 20% discount on orders and larger discounts are available for bulk orders.  Please visit TiScrubs for more information